Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MAC Lipliner Swatches!

Chicory - Soft, muted peachy brown.
Lure- A muted, browned coral (LE).
Spice- Pink cinnamon stick.Cedar - A rich, rose-flushed brown (LE).
Stripdown - Creamy brown-beige.
Subculture - Underground pink.
Hover - Rich, caramel brown.
From Left to Right: MAC Chicory, Lure, Spice, Cedar, Stripdown, Subculture and Hover.

My most worn are Stripdown, Hover and Spice. Chicory and Lure are a little too red toned for every day wear and subculture is the exact same color as my lips, so it really doesn't do much.

View all shades on the MAC website here.

1 comment:

  1. Can you find a good dupe for Mac chicory? I love the color but I just can't justify spending that much for a lip liner that I use everyday.