Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Studio ELF Brushes & Bronze w/ Purple FOTD!

I received my E.L.F Studio Brushes in the mail today.. and I am very pleased. I love the sleek look of them.. and they are very well worth the $3. The bristles are extremely soft. I've been playing around with them all day. I am loving the flat top powder brush and the blush brush. Highly Recommended! I actually applied my foundation with the flat top brush.. it worked well but it was extremely difficult to clean. I think i'll just keep using it for powder/msf's.

Here's a look I did for tonight. I could not for the life of me get a good picture.
my necklace turned upside down for the peekchure. :'( 

Palladio Yellow Concealer
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
MAC Limited Edition Beauty Powder in "Smooth Harmony" (basically a bronzer)
MAC "Dainty" Mineralize Blush

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in "Mocha" and "Walnut" (walnut all over lid and in crease, mocha on my brow bone and on lid)
NYX Eye Shadow in "Purple"
NYX Glitter Palette in "Bronze Goddess" (I used the 3rd color on my lid for a touch of gold glitter)
Andrea Faux Lashes #13
L'Oreal Extra Intense Black Liquid Liner Pencil (on my waterline)

LIPS: (A new fav combo)
MAC "Lure" Lip Liner Pencil
NYX "Honey" Lipstick
NYX "Whipped" Lipgloss

NYX pigments are seriously awesome. I want every color.


  1. This is Gorge on you!

    & you are so right about the Studio brushes a total steal & uber soft.

    May I ask if you used the nyx pigments wet or dry (over a primer, etc.)?
    Thx so much!

  2. Wow... beautiful look and I love the ELF studio powder brush, I need to get that blush brush.

  3. Thanks for the review on the brushes. I ordered a couple to try out. they should be here soon! Your look is absolutely gorgeous! love it!!

  4. you should so a tutorial one your eye makeup! it soo pretty

  5. Love that purple colour on you! Gorgeous! I need to have a look in NYX coz I have never tried that brnad but I've heard loads about it

  6. oh my goodness im obsessed with this look!! pertY!

  7. love the look. you look stunning.

  8. Your eye makeup is pretty effin stunning!!!!!


  9. Your makeup looks flawless! Gotta try this one out sometime... I'm gonna need to get me some NYX next paycheck! haha

  10. i absolutely love this look.. it jus too pretty~ i the nxy ultra pearl mania is so pigmented.. maybe i should try to get some too. but too bad.. i couldnt really find in singapore.. :)


  11. Hey, I'm new to your blog but I read it almost everyday now! As someone else suggested, could you please consider doing a tutorial on eye makeup? I have this stupid fear of eye shadows beyond just a boring sweep of a basic shimmery brown on my lids. Help!

  12. hey ashley!
    yay, thats awesome to hear! The only reason I haven't done any lately is because they are so time consuming. But I will definately try to do a couple this week! Do you have any requests in particular??? :)

  13. hey you look awesome....

    new follower
    i would love if u follow back