Monday, February 22, 2010

Nars Chihuahua Lip Gloss & Crazed Blush!

Natalie Monday, February 22, 2010

Nars Chihuahua Lip Gloss

This is my 1st NARS lip gloss! The color is "Chihuahua". It's a mauvey, neutral pink. In my opinion, its the perfect every day pink. Its very natural, and adds a little bit of color and brightness to my lips. Its like.. my lips but better. :) The color is very milky and sheer. It is also VERY moisturizing. I don't think I've ever tried another lip gloss as moisturizing and smooth as this one. (Same thing for NARS lipstick, they are soo moisturizing!) I'll be looking into some other shades as well.

What shade do you recommend? I know LOTS of people rave about Turkish Delight but it never tempted me. Do you think its worth the hype?

Nars Crazed Blush

Crazed is the color I think of when I think of Mixed Berry. It's a Raspberry/Magenta/Pink. Lol, that's the best I can explain it. Its super pigmented and slightly shimmery. With a light hand, it gives a real natural rosy flush. I think its a color that can compliment any skin tone. This isn't a color I would of normally picked, but I wanted to try something different. I'm very happy with this blush! The next ones I really want are Madly, Sertao & Luster.. I actually want to own them all one day. lol So far, I have Albatross, Angelika, Super Orgasm, Orgasm, Lovejoy & Crazed. I'm slowly getting there!!

What are your favorites?


  1. love the color of the lipgloss it looks really good! I use Turkish Delight everyday its my favorite lipgloss you should give it a try

    i really want ALL the Nars blushes they're all amazing! <3

  2. My favorite NARS blush is Exhibit A. It is SO freaking scary in the pan but it's one of the most gorgeous colors when applied. I also really like Striptease l/g. It's super nude, lasts forever, and you only need one swipe of it. I save it for when I go out :)

  3. The colour looks great. I definitely check them out! I recommend NARS lipgloss in Foul Play. That is a very nice every day colour.

  4. Natty! I just did a 5 second video on the NARS glosses I found at TJ Maxx, but Chihuahua wasn't included :( womp womp

    I have always contemplated Turkish Delight, I still haven't swatched it though, idk why...

    I heard great things about crazed! I only own Orgasm, and 2 Deep Throats. Wait, were did you get Crazed?

  5. I love Chihuahua! I recommend Giza and Stolen Kisses for your next purchases. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!

  6. Chihuahua is sooo pretty! I'm a fan of NARS lipglosses too...they're creamy and pretty pigmented. I have Turkish Delight, Orgasm and Striptease. I love all 3 of them. I may have to add Chihuahua to the collection thanks to you Natty!!

    I'm ready to see pics of you wearing the blush!

  7. wow, super pigmented blush! i love madly from nars :) very natural!

  8. I haven't tried ANYTHING Nars..but the lipgloss and blush you got were gorgeous

  9. great haul you have here! I've never tried Nars lipglosses but I love their lipsticks and matte velvet pencils.

    I don't have Crazed I guess coz I'm scared the colour will be too bright on me (NW25). I do have and love Desire, Deep Throat and Sin. I really wanna get Sertao and Gilda next.

    Btw, I loooove ur blog!

  10. So glad you got the Chihuahua. I've read good reviews on it & wanted to see what it looked like but never had a chance to check it out.

    Turkish Delight reminds me of MAC C-thru mixed with Underage for some reason.

    NARS is a lil pricey...

    I wanna see what the Crazed blush looks like on you =). Please take a pic.

  11. I never looked at crazed blush, but after this its def on my NARS wish list! I lovee them!

  12. I have yet to make a NARS lipgloss purchase. Think it's time!!

  13. definitely buy luster, its a great color. I own that as well as sin. Sin would look amazing on your skintone because it has a somewhat mauve-y purple color to it. LOVE your blog! :)

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  15. Your blushes are lovely! i have douceur, madly, desire and torrid. I am also lemming for crazed, oasis and the ever popular o and super o!!


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