Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty (Inspired by Carmindy) Makeup Review and FOTD!

Every once in a while I like to browse product reviews on makeupalley in each category descending from the largest amount of reviews. Last month I found myself taking extra time to look through the highest rated drugstore foundations. That's how I came across Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Foundation. I never heard of it until that point. I know I've seen the "Natural" section before at my local CVS Pharmacy, but I never looked at any of it. Why? Because "Naturals" honestly didn't sound very appealing to me. It automatically makes me think of products that won't have good coverage or products with little to no pigmentation. Call it Cake Face Beauty and I probably would know all about it. Haha! I'm joking, but what's sad is it's probably true.

When I started reading reviews, I quickly realized this foundation is no tinted moisturizer. Several reviews claimed this foundation has an excellent medium coverage.. and compared it to several high end foundations. It's rated a 4/5 based on 326 reviews with a buy back rate of 70%.

Click the screenshot to be redirected to makeupalley's review page for this product!

There are 12 different shades.

Based on reviews, I had it in my mind to get Sandy Beige or Tawny Beige for my MAC NC35-40 skin-tone. I'm usually NC40 all year round, but lately I haven't been self tanning as often as usual. So I've been wearing NC30-NC35 a lot. I knew if the color runs a little light from a NC40, it's no big deal. Just as long as the undertone is correct.

I even read that some NC40's were wearing True Beige and Golden Beige. Golden Beige is a little on the grayish side, so definitely a neutral shade for those of you that don't have much yellow. True Beige definitely has a pink tone to it.

Anyways, once I arrived to ULTA I couldn't find Sally Hansen products anywhere! I was about to leave and I decided to check the clearance rack real quick for good deals. And what did I see? ALL SALLY HANSEN PRODUCTS WERE CLEARANCE. In a way, I was excited because they were half off & in a way I was like "Come on Seriously? You're going to discontinue something good?"

Rest in Peace my beloved Maybelline Shine Free.. We were best friends in high school.. We had plans!! We were supposed to do everything together!! *tear*

Lmao, last night I was talking funny because it was late, and now it's my lack of sleep.

Soo, I ended up getting both Tawny Beige and Sandy Beige. They were I believe.. $6.99 each.

Once I got home and swatched them on my hand, I right away favored Sandy Beige. It's lighter than Tawny Beige and has more of a golden yellow tone to it. Tawny Beige looks almost identical except it is slightly darker and has a slightly.. reddish tint to it? It still has a yellow tone to it, but not as prominent as Sandy Beige. Sandy Beige is more for the lighter NC40's that can go down (nc37) instead of up (nc42).

This picture is taken in a room with fluorescent lighting - no flash

Same room as before, but an area where there is less light - no flash

Comparisons of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 and NC40 to both Sally Hansen Foundations. (The photo is taken with flash)

Application & Review
I've tried two different methods of applying the foundation. I've tried it with my fingers and I've tried it with a MAC 131 Brush. I highly favor the brush method for a flawless look. I found the coverage to a definite medium plus coverage. I found the coverage is similar to MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation. The texture is very creamy and applies very smooth. It reminded me a bit of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk texture wise (thin, not heavy, runny, yet creamy). The end result is a beautiful airbrushed look with a slightly dewyness. I did not find this foundation to be too oily. After I've applied the foundation, I set it with a blot powder and re-blot once later in the day. My makeup stays put till the time I go to sleep. I wore this foundation practically my whole Vegas trip and I loved it (even in extreme heat). Love this stuff & will repurchase.

Here is what it looks like on my face. This picture was taken in the daylight with no flash.

This is basically my plain every day look..

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty your Skin Makeup in Sandy Beige
MAC Select Cover up Concealer NW25 & a smudge of Lancome Effacernes Concealer
MAC "Pleasureful" Blushcreme
MAC Blot Powder Med. Dark (a light dusting all over my face)

MAC "Cork" Eyeshadow
MAC "Girl Boy" Brow Set

MAC "Cork" Eyeshadow (smudged into upper and lower lash line)
MAC "Coco Bar" Liquidlast Liner
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara Black

MAC "Pleasureful" Blushcreme
LA Splash "Sparkling Coral" lip gloss

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty products can be purchased online at, and


  1. Oh my god, that foundation looks so flawless on you! You look gorgeous! If only it were available in the Philippines :(

    You look amazing :) I always enjoy reading your posts! xx

  2. You look gorgeous girl i might have 2 try this foundation now! :)

  3. ooh, thanks for the swatches. I always enjoy your posts.

  4. OMG! It would be soooo cooolll if you made a post about your makeup history. Like what were your faves and HGs in high school. What you learned, your faux pas', etc. Nouveau Cheap is doing vintage vault, but I doubt you still have your old makeup from high school.

  5. you have such a lovely smile! ♥

  6. Thank you everyone!

    Louzee- that sounds like such a fun post! I now wish I kept some things :( I probably would find a few things here and there once I start digging. I'm going to try that soon!

  7. you're so gorgeous!!! i absolutely LOVE your hair it look so curious to try out this foundation now. I love that it has a pump! Definitely going to look for it tomorrow

  8. You are so pretty! I love that you're super detailed with your posts.

    I haven't been on MUA in a long time. The other day, my husband and I were at Sephora. (Yep, I drug my guy to a make-up store! LOL!) I was trying to find out which of their self tanners was best, so I asked him to look up reviews on his phone. I think he saw some MUA reviews! Ha ha ha!

  9. I've never heard of this foundation, but it looks flawless on you! After reading your post I did my own research and I read some Canadian girls found this at their local Dollaramas... Soooo it looks like I could possibly find some for $2!

    I'd like to see an updated makeup collection... if you are anything like me your collection must be overflowing! haha

  10. You look flawless as usual! xx

  11. Your makeup is ALWAYS flawless and you always look gorgeous!! I'm curious what shade do you use in Lancome Effacernes Concealer? Thank you!

  12. Thank you everyone!

    Amira, your best bet is probably CVS. I checked a bunch of other ulta's and they didn't have any :(

    Kate, Thank you!!!!!!! LOL, I DO THE SAME THING! If I'm at the store looking at beauty stuff I always go on my phone and google reviews to see if its any good. haha

    Cheryl, yeah I heard that too! If you can get a hold of it for $2, thats a steal!

    Mary007, I don't think I have the greatest color match. I have it in neutral, and its slightly grey looking on me (before foundation). The coverage is soo amazing though.. it's one of the best concealers I've used. I may try a different shade next time. I remember the shades looked very pink in the store, that's why I got neutral.. but thinking about it now.. I need something pinkish colored to conceal the purple/blue tones under my eyes.

  13. Thank you for this review! I'll definitely give this a try! xx Btw, you're a stunner! I love your brows & your smile! :)

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