Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Revlon Just Enough Buff & Smoked Peach + Wet n Wild Pink Suga Lipstick Swatches!

Natalie Tuesday, October 26, 2010
While I was running a quick errand last night at CVS, I took a quick stroll though the cosmetic aisle. I saw that Revlon had a new display with a bunch of new colors and right away I picked up the lipstick with the name "Smoked Peach #013". If you all don't know me by now, I love my peaches and corals :) Anyways, Revlon was buy 1 get one 50% off so I picked up "Just Enough Buff # 613". I think Just Enough Buff is a common lipstick that many people own, like Revlon Nude Attitude... but it never really appealed to me till last night. Also, I've been meaning to do a contouring tutorial which involves a very dark shade of foundation and a very light. Somehow, I lost the light concealer stick I was using before.. so I went over to Wet n Wild and grabbed a couple of concealers in the shades "Light" & "Light Medium". I also ended up getting one of their lipsticks I haven't seen before (It says new shade anyway..) called "Pink Suga #900B".

(Sorry for the not so great swatches..)

Wet n Wild Pink Suga - I don't think the name pink sugar properly suits this lipstick. I didn't find it to be very pink as I found it to be muted, warm peach. It is very pigmented & you only need a couple of swipes for full coverage. It has a matte finish. I could see it drying out my lips, so I would recommend a lip gloss in addition to the lipstick or a lip balm. If you love peaches, I'm sure you'll love this color.

Revlon Just Enough Buff - This lipstick is a little on the sheer side but you can build more coverage with more swipes. It applies smoothly.. kind of like a MAC Lustre and dries to a semi-shiny satin. The color is beautiful. It's a warm, peach pink with bright pink luster. It almost remind me of my HG MAC Shygirl. I'm sure I'll be wearing this lipstick very often. I found the formula to be somewhat dry and will most likely be using a gloss with it.

Revlon Smoked Peach - Wow this is a bright lipstick. haha It's a bright, warm pinkish coral. It is very pigmented and has a matte finish. This lipstick reminds me of a cross between MAC Vegas Volt and MAC Morange. I really like this color.. but I'm sure I'll only be wearing it once in a while. I'm not very daring with bright lipsticks ;)

I haven't tried the concealers yet, but just keep in mind.. they look much darker in the tube than they did on my skin. Light is slightly warmer than Light-medium.. both colors look almost identical.

Do you own any of these colors? What are your thoughts?


  1. I just got WnW Pink Suga and love it!! I thought it would have been too pale, but it wasnt it was a nice peachy color. I also got the WnW 903C color, its sort of a coral..not sure the name, but another love!

  2. I really love this post.... I am a nude lip lover:)

    Check out my nude lip post:


  3. Just Enough Buff is so pretty. I want it! I'm looking forward to seeing how the wet n wild concealer is. I've never tried their stuff before.

  4. i just added "smoked peach"to my list last week i think its very pretty <3
    cant wait to get it

  5. I don't own any of these but they're all lovely colors! And your swatches look great :) now I want smoked peach!!!!

  6. I bought Smoked Peach last week on a whim while at Ulta. While it's a gorgeous color, I know I won't be wearing it so much, it is bright! I already have so many bright colors that are being neglected lol Love your swatches!

  7. very pretty colors, great swatches! I may actually check out smoked peach... i like brighter corals it'd be nice for spring and summer.

  8. just enough buff looks gorgeous, ill definitely check it out :)

  9. The last swatch pic just convinced me to get MAC Shygirl, so thank you lol.


  10. Oh I love corals too! Those are pretty lippies! I'll check them out. :)

  11. aw i adore your blog it is so cute and thankyou for this post about the nude lipsticks because i have been looking for a good one. I really like the revlon one. thankyou :) and much love.

    Come visit anytime too

  12. Nice swatches Natty...I like the smoked peach.

    Dhalia of mzfashioncloset.com

  13. Lovely colors!! Thank you for the swatches (:

  14. I love them all! =)


  15. the smoked peach one is gorgeous!


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