Friday, December 31, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review, Photos and Swatches!

urban decay naked palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: You can look great NAKED! This long, lean, seductive case is packed with  twelve (12) gorgeous neutrals. Shades range from delicate champagnes to dark, gritty gunmetal, and feature five (5) new shades with names like Darkhorse, Virgin and Buck. We've also included a range of textures: everything from glitter to shimmer to matte. 

The chocolaty velvet case is emblazoned with the word "NAKED" in gold foil lettering. (Just wait 'til your friends see you pull this sexy thing out of your bag. Jealous!) The mirrored case also includes a professional quality, cruelty-free Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush, AND a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in original formula. This is a shadow palette everyone can use, and a truly spectacular gift. Experiment with office-appropriate neutrals, summertime bronzy looks, or sultry smokiness. With such a diversity of neutral shades at your fingertips, there's more to neutral than meets the eye.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette, as stated above contains twelve (12) shades: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep & Gunmetal.

The palette retails for $48, which sounds expensive, but is an extremely good value. Each shadow weighs in at .05 oz - which is the SAME size as a a regular Urban Decay full sized eyeshadow ($17 each) and actually, .01 oz larger than a full size MAC Eyeshadow (.04 oz, $14.50 each). In addition, you are getting a good brush, and a travel size Primer Potion.

Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked

Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal


Most shades in the Urban Decay Naked Palette are shimmery or frosted. The only two matte shades in this palette are Naked and Buck. Naked and Buck are actually two of my favorite shades in this palette - both being great blending shades and natural crease colors. Buck also works on my brows as a filler.

My favorite shades of all (and the ones that get the most love on a daily basis) are: Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog and Darkhorse. All of the shades are pigmented and apply smoothly. 

 Here's a recent eye look I did using only the Naked Palette. The main colors I used were Darkhorse, Half Baked, Buck and Creep.

I guess the only downside I can say about the palette is that there aren't enough matte shades, so for "daytime" looks, there aren't as many options. I also kinda wish the black was a matte black, rather than a shimmery black.

Also, I'm not a fan of the packaging. It's pretty for a short period of time, but soon after, the velvet attracts dust and the gold lettering starts to wear off.

Overall, I am very happy with it and I think it was very much worth the investment.

Do you own the Naked Palette?


  1. Can you do a tutorial for the eye look you did with the Naked palatte? I have it and am always looking for new ways to mix the colors for new looks! Thanks!!

  2. It's look awesome. Can you please demonstrate how you did it? I need step by step procedures. Then it will be clear. :)