Friday, March 25, 2011

MAC (LE) Cut-a-Caper Lipstick! Swatches & Lots of Comparisons!

Natalie Friday, March 25, 2011
mac cup a caper

MAC Cut-a-Caper Lipstick

MAC Cut-a-Caper Lipstick is a semi-opaque, medium coral-pink with a lustre finish. It's a limited edition shade that launched in the MAC 2010 Tartan Tale Collection.

The color is quite pigmented and can be built easily with additional coats. It is vibrant, but not nearly as vibrant as it looks in the tube. Because it's not completely opaque, it's a shade that's easy to wear.

mac cut a caper lipstick review

mac cut a caper swatch
Here is MAC Cut a Caper on my lips (my lips are lined with MAC Subculture Lip Pencil)

Here is a comparison of Cut-a-Caper next to MAC Jazzed and Everhip (both limited edition shades). Sadly, I don't own MAC Ravishing, but it's another lipstick that is often compared to these.
mac cut a caper dupe
Left Photo: MAC Cut a Caper & MAC Jazzed, Right Photo: MAC Cut a Caper and MAC Everhip

mac cut a caper swatches
Swatches from left to right: MAC Cut a Caper, MAC Everhip and MAC Jazzed.

All three lipsticks are very similar. They share the same vibrancy and depth. Cut-a-Caper has the strongest pink tone of the three. Jazzed has the most orange/coral tone. Everhip is the "in-between". It's stronger in pink than Jazzed, and more orange/coral than Cut-a-Caper.

Other Comparisons: (I forgot to add Illamasqua Obey in the bunch - which definitely belongs in the category)
mac cut a caper swatches
Swatches from left to right: NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie, MAC Cut-a-Caper (LE), MAC Everhip (LE), MAC Jazzed (LE), YSL Rouge Volupte 26 Tender Peach, Wet n Wild Mega Matte 903C Just Peachy, MAC Shygirl. Glosses: Revlon Super Lusturous Nude Lustre, Revlon Super Lusturous Life's a Peach (DC), NYX Smokey Look, OCC Divine & OCC Cha Cha.


  1. Such a pretty lipstick! Too bad it was limited edition. I love how you showed all the swatches of the similar lippies though! YSL Tender Peach is one of my favs so I will have to try out some of the others that you have swatched there!

  2. Thanks for the swatches and review! I have Jazzed, so i dont really need that one.

  3. I need this! Jazzed is one of my faves...I'd love a more pink version of it though...

  4. i want to try out the lip tars so badly!

  5. I love Cut A Caper wish I woulda got a back up!

  6. i really need shygirl...

  7. I love Cut a Caper! I was actually stressing about what to do when my tube's all gone, so thank you for the budget comparisons like Wet n Wild and NYX!

  8. Gorgeous!!!!

  9. This lipstick is gorgeous, its a shame its limited edition!

  10. Ooooh, it's a gorgeous colour!

    And wow...that's a lot of swatches! :)

  11. I own Ever Hip but I find it quite drying has anyone else experienced that?


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