Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Golden Glitter Nails with Love & Beauty Clear/Silver Nail Polish!

Clear/Silver (Unique name, right?) is a clear based polish with a very fine golden bronze & multi-colored (holographic) glitter and a larger silver glitter. The polish is very sheer with one coat, and the silver glitter stands out more than anything. With a few coats, the color deepens to a glittery golden bronze filled with silver flecks. It's a color that really stands out in the sunlight. 

The color looks a lot like MAC Reflects Antique Gold Pigment mixed with 3D Silver Pigment. 

I tested the polish out on my nails in a couple of different ways. Alone, over a taupe colored polish and over a black polish.

 Left to Right: Three coats of Clear/Silver, One coat of taupe/nude polish (Love & Beauty Camel) with one coat of Clear/Silver on top & One coat of black nail polish (Wet n Wild) with one coat of Clear/Silver on top.

The color is definitely too sheer to be worn with one coat, but I really like the way it looks when it is built with several. I also think it looks very pretty over the taupe and black.

I have terrible nails at the moment because one broke (the middle) all the way at the end, so I had no choice but to cut them all short. I will be doing an actual NOTD with this color soon - hopefully, i'll be able to capture the glitter better because the photos don't do this shade justice. It's much more of an eye-catcher in person.

Love & Beauty Nail Polishes can be purchased online and in-store at Forever 21.


  1. Very pretty I defiantly want to purchase it! ;)

  2. This looks so pretty, espcially over black!

  3. I love it!!!!

  4. I adore Love & Beauty polishes very much! I am wearing Nude right now:)
    The glitter on the black polish is pretty cool looking!

  5. love this and love your blog :)

    xoxo lisiemie ♥♥♥

  6. it looks amazing over the black! love your blog