Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shopping Haul! ALDO Handbag, Forever 21 Shoes & More!

Hey Everyone!
I did a little shopping Friday with my bestie and thought I'd post a haul to share what I got! I didn't buy any clothes though, with the exception of a couple items. I am happy though, I now have a spring/summer bag and a pair of heels to wear.

ALDO Tellis Handbag (in the color bone) $40
(click here to view on the website)
I always know that Aldo has cute handbags that aren't very pricey. I typically get my bags from Marshall's/TJ Maxx or retail stores such as Macy's and Lord & Taylor, but I didn't have enough to splurge on anything too expensive. I thought this bag was adorable. I love the color- at first sight, I thought it was pink, but at a closer look it's a light, blushed tan. I'm also a sucker for tassels. I think they are totally chic. Also, you can wear this bag on your shoulder with the longer, detachable strap, or on your arm like a satchel.
This is my BFF modeling my bag last night.. haha. Her shoes, pants, and sweater were all purchased from Forever 21 yesterday. I love the pants.. I was going to buy them as well.. but she said she'd share hers with me whenever I want to wear them. (Sure! Let me lose 20 pounds first.. haha)

Forever 21 Distressed Leatherette Cutout Heels $28.80
(view here on the website)
I loved these sandals at first sight. The laced up front automatically made me think of the gorgeous Christian Louboutin "Miss Fortune" Sandals that are often seen on the Kardashian sisters. I also love the "distressed" brown faux leather and the platform heel. Faux leather shoes never usually work out for me, but I have pretty good luck with Forever 21 shoes. 

Forever 21 Accessories
Jeweled Retractable Makeup Brush $3.80 (here), Dimpled Knuckle Ring $3.80 (here) & Filigree and Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings $2.80 (here).

I thought the brush would be useful for tossing in my handbag without worrying about staining the lining. The bristles are actually very soft (not very dense) and it works well for powder or blush/bronzer.

It's actually surprisingly comfortable and doesn't bother me at all after wearing it all day.

 Clearance zip hoodie $5.99.
I can always use a plain hoodie for lounging.

H&M Accessories
Polka Dot Umbrella w/ Ruffles $9.95, Necklace $3.95
It was raining terribly, so I decided to purchase an umbrella. I thought the ruffles were totally cute and girly.

Cami $5.95, Cotton Stretch Mini Skirt $5.95

The cami is my favorite color.. it's like a pale tan-pink. It looks very pretty with the black trim, and I can probably get a lot of use from it. The skirt was a great deal, and I figured it's a good thing to have. I will have to exchange the skirt though, because I (and my friend) found that it runs large. I purchased a med, and I need a small - and my friend purchased a small and needs an x-small.

That's it for my haul! Have you purchased any goodies lately that you're excited to wear?


  1. your friend is amazingly beautiful :)

  2. F21 is my favorite store!<3


  3. i almost bought that bag from aldo but i got a different style instead. the bag is super cute though! :)

  4. Loving everything, especially that bag!!!

  5. I loooooooooove that bag! So tempted to get one. One of my galpal just got the same one in the exact color. <3 i really like your friend's cargo pants also, i think i have the same one in black? but that grey/green color looks good!

  6. ooh cute stuff! i love the bag.
    i have so much stuff...i'm trying to NOT shop all summer, i dunno if i can do it.

  7. Love all ur stuff!
    the cami and skirt look like they would look great together!
    seriosuly..i'm looking @ tht cami and I WANT ONE NOW! lol
    love the purse too!
    I'm kinda thinking of getting the larger version just bc i'm a bigger girl and the mini one i dont think would suit me all tht much..unless i just use it with the attachable strap..
    great post!
    love all ur items!

  8. Wow very surprised by how cute that purse is! I love the cami too and hoodies are so amazing and comfy! You had a great shopping weekend! Jealous!

  9. you got so many amazing stuff!! love the f21 heels and that bag is so adorable <3

  10. Hello!
    Love the Aldo purse, such a pretty color. I love Aldo handbags, however I do think now in days, their bags are getting smaller, which I don't like. Forever 21 shoes are great, I became a fan this year. They are cute, & the price points are just good. Is the maxi skirt from H&M too?

    xo $ARMIN

  11. Those shoes are too cute! Will have to make a trip to Forever 21 soon...


  12. I love that bag as a satchel! Great stuff!

  13. Oh how I envy your awesome style. I just do not know how to layer properly. I always love (and appreciate your blogs on clothing then I know what to go buy :).

  14. love it all

  15. Ooh! I love the bag! It's classic and chic.

    I live in hoodies. The one you got was a steal! I usually get mine at Old Navy; they're always cheap there!

    I hope you are doing well! I have been so sick lately. Ugh...

  16. i bought the same bag at aldo but in red but for some reason it doesnt close properly. I cant put heavier stuff because it open up by itself... im thinking of changing the magnetic lock.. do u have the same issue or is it just the one that i purchased?

  17. Thank you everyone for your awesome comments!!!! :)

    xo $ARMIN - Yes, the skirt is from H&M and they had a few other colors as well. I believe there was black, gray, navy or tan with black stripes.

    Kate - Thanks hun, I hope you're doing well also.. Why sick? :(

    CC- Yes, I have the same problem and it's driving me nuts! I don't carry my wallet.. just my ID and cash because it's too heavy. And minimal makeup as well. And I always have to hold it close to me to make sure it won't open.