Thursday, June 30, 2011

New shoes: Forever 21/Pink Duchess Leatherette Wedge Sandals!

Pink Duchess Erin-2/Forever 21 Leatherette Wedge Sandals
I usually don't like to purchase synthetic shoes because they are bound to give my feet blisters, but I typically have pretty good luck with shoes at Forever 21. I was looking for sandals that were trendy, not completely flat and could be worn every day.

Granted, I haven't raided all of the shoe departments at my local shopping centers, but I have done a bit of browsing online with no real luck. So, I was a little excited when I came across these sandals on the Forever 21 website last week. They have a short wedge, so they aren't completely flat, the style is trendy and they are casual, so I can wear them with any outfit - every day. Also, the price was really good at $19.80. It's really annoying when I find cute shoes I like at Forever 21 and they are close to $40 - Sorry, not paying that much for cheap quality shoes when I purchase high end brands at Marshalls for the same price. So with all of that said, I placed an order!

I was hoping they'd still be available on the website, but they must have just sold out of them in the last 48 hours. Several times, Forever 21 will re-stock items that sold out quickly, so if you're interested in them, keep your eyes out on the website! I did go to the mall Monday, and they had several pairs in stock, so you may be able to find them in-store.

My shoe size is an 8.5 - very true to size. An 8 is usually too small, and a 9 is usually too large. I do have wide feet (thanks Dad), so certain "M" styles don't fit correctly. Since Forever 21 doesn't stock half sizes, I purchased a size 8. They do (thankfully) fit my feet perfectly and comfortably. I wore them all day yesterday, and I did lots of walking and my feet didn't hurt in the least. They are pretty good quality for the low price.

These particular shoes aren't actually manufactured by Forever 21, but by the brand Pink Duchess, a wholesale shoe brand. The Forever 21 item number for these are: 78967669017 and are called the Leatherette Wedge Sandals. The cost of them is $19.80. The actual style name on the Pink Duchess shoe box is Erin-2, but I couldn't find any information on them from the brand directly.

Where do you usually have the best luck finding shoes that are affordable and trendy?


  1. I'm sure a huge fan of F21 sandals especially becuase I hardly ever wear actual shoes. They are always cute. Always affordable. And mine always last!

    These shoes are REALLY cute though. I love the wedge. It's hard to find a casual heel on a cute sandal like that.

  2. oo them sandles look amazing! I wish we had an forever 21 near me in London lol xxx Love your blog xxx

  3. hehe i'm a size 8 1/2 also, thanks to my dad! his a size 12!
    those are really cute. =)

  4. Loveeee your sandals love studs, spikes etc etc, We don't have forever 21 one over here hope they get it

  5. Very cute sandals! I love that it has a wedge but not to high so there comfortable for everyday.. :)

  6. OMG! Thanks for sharing! I agree w/Alexandra, its so hard to find a cute, yet comfy heel.

  7. Those are so cute!
    Size 8 sounds so big to me, but that's because we use UK shoe sizes, so I'm a 3 which I think is a 5 in US shoe sizes. :)

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