Saturday, June 18, 2011

NOTD: Essie Jamaica Me Crazy!

Natalie Saturday, June 18, 2011
Jamaica Me Crazy is a magenta with lots of very fine purple shimmer. The shimmer gives the polish an almost foil-like effect, which looks really pretty in the sunlight.

The application of this polish was very good, it didn't apply streaky and it dried extremely quick. I was barely done coating some of my nails and the polish seemed to already be dry from the first brush stroke. The color is opaque, and only needs two coats for full opacity. 

One downside with this polish in particular is, once it's dry, the color becomes very dull. Therefore, a top coat is extremely necessary. I also ended up with small bubbles on all of my nails - which is something that hasn't happened to me in years. I'm not sure if it was the formula, or the humidity.

This polish is a part of Essie's permanent line, and can be found at most drugstores!

What's on your nails?


  1. Such a pretty color! I love the effect! :)

  2. love the color! i bought another essie polish that is the same glitter texture and it bubbled too. it has to be just their glitter formula

  3. oh i love the color! very pretty

  4. Love all of Essie's polishes, their so creamy and opaque. My current favorite Essie polish is Chinchilly, I posted about it recently:

    Love your blog! Keep up the great work


  5. Salon Nail Effects which I extremely dislike! I did not like their stick on nail application at all!

  6. i normally dont like essie nail polishes but this one is cute

  7. Its very pretty color.Which suits everyone.I think so..:)

  8. nice color! you know in the last Halloween my girl dressed like Emma Frost from Marvel, and before she chose this costume she consult your blog to see the right nail color, she ended so happy with your advice.

  9. just got it from my from my housemate and it was love at first sight!


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