Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dior Sugar and Spice Diorblush Glowing Powder Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

dior sugar and spice blush

Dior Sugar and Spice Blush

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Dior presents the first blush that plays on color intensity and a variety of finishes to create a natural, healthy glow with a subtle sparkle. A matte finish enhances the natural skin tone, while a pearly finish highlights the planes of the face. Silky and lightly scented, this Couture blush comes in a wide range of colors to suit all skin tones. (DIOR)

There are ten blushes to choose from: Vintage Pink, Sugar & Spice, Peechy Keen, Rodebud, English Rose, Pink in Love, Strawberry Sorbet, Sunkissed Cinnamon, Passion Fruit and A Touch of Blush.

From what I understand, each blush has two blushes with two different finishes - One matte and one with shimmer or frost. You can wear them individually or together, but they should work hand in hand with each other. 

Dior Sugar and Spice is a velvety matte warm cinnamon and a warm, frosty peachy pink. When mixed together, it creates a sparkling warm peachy cinnamon. I want to say that the matte side is similar to MAC Coppertone or Gingerly Blush, but when I swatched them together, both Gingerly and Coppertone are more orange, whereas Sugar and Spice has more of a brick red tone. They are definitely in the same color family, but they aren't at all dupes. It's actually a bit similar to the color of MUFE HD Creme Blush in #10 (See a swatch here).
dior sugar and spice blush review

dior sugar and spice blush

What I really love about the blush is the overall quality, especially with the matte side. It's very finely milled, and although it is matte, it's not at all dull. The texture reminds me a little bit of the Chanel Joues Contraste blushes. The color is pigmented and the finish is really soft. Even though the shimmery side looks very frosty in the pan, it doesn't translate nearly as shimmery on the cheeks. I've also found that the color stays true all day without fading. I haven't really looked at any other shades in the Diorblush line, but I do think this is a very flattering shade for medium/warm skintones. It may appear a little ruddy for those with cooler skintones.

dior sugar and spice blush swatches
A swatch of both shades mixed together
The blushes retail for $42 per .26 oz at Sephora (here). Oddly, they are $40 on the actual Dior website (here). It is quite expensive when compared to a MAC Blush per say at $19.50 per .21 oz, but very similar to the cost of a NARS at $27 per .16 oz and a couple of dollars cheaper than an Illamasqua Blush at $24 per .14 oz. You definitely have to look at the overall value of the product when taking in consideration the price. Some high end brands that may sell blushes for a lower cost may have lower quality packaging, less product, etc. MAC is one of the cheaper high-end brands, but look at the blush packaging. It's a flimsy flip top container and doesn't have a mirror or brush. With Dior you're getting a very sturdy, ascetically pleasing compact, a good mirror and a small brush. Ultimately, you are paying for the pretty packaging with several high end cosmetics. It's up to you if it's worth it or not. (Wow, what a rant!!)

Overall, it's a fantastic blush and I love the fact that there are two different shades, so you have the option of wearing either one of them or combining them. The only setback really is the price. I personally think it's quite a bit of money to shovel out at once for a blush. Especially for me, because I own so many blushes and I'll most likely never hit pan on a bunch of them. So even if it's a good value, I'd still probably prefer paying half the amount for a blush even if it contains less product. I find it very difficult to finish a blush, even in a few years.

Do you own any Dior blushes? What's your favorite high-end brand for blush?


  1. I can't believe I haven't seen any of these yet! I love that you get the option of matte or shimmer (or both). And yes, Dior packaging is exceptional!!
    Thanks for the review!

  2. I don't have any dior blushes, but I have Burberry's Light Glow Natural blush in Blossom.

    It's a pinky coral shade that compliments medium skin tones.

  3. My favorite brands of blush are NARS and MAC. It's true that Dior packaging is so beautiful but i never use the small brush into the blush or the mirror and i think the price is a little bit excessive. You can use another mirror. It's my personal opinion. But i agree the color and the concept: matte/shimmer into the same product it's very good

  4. shoots are so tempting! looks very good on your skin tone, I gotta try it.thanks for posting!

  5. this is pretty...not too pink i think id like this on ,,my pale skintone. xxx

  6. That's a nice shade. I checked out the others and this would be the only one I'd purchase.

  7. That blush swatch is so pretty! I want this. :)

  8. That is such a pretty colour!!

  9. I love my Bobbi Brown and my Lancome but I do want to add Dior blush to my stash as well :)

  10. I have Sugar and Spice, and it I find it doesn't look special in the pan but once applied to the skin it's a really nice natural blush. It's kinda my-cheeks-but-better! Great review.

  11. definitely gonna check these out! man i wished i saw this before i made my lemming post! cause man i really want this now! i love that it's matte and a shimmer so you can choose which finished you liked! Thanks for the review!