Monday, August 22, 2011

A few new rings from F21!

Natalie Monday, August 22, 2011
It's really no secret by now that I love stalking the Forever 21 website for the new arrivals. Forever 21 is probably my favorite place for inexpensive accessories. I've been recently wanting to expand my ring collection, so I've been really keeping my eyes out for cute rings. 

Here are the few I ordered..

Stretchy Knuckle Ring $3.80 (no longer available on website)

It's not always the easiest thing to place an order online if you haven't seen the item in person. If I was shopping in-store, I probably wouldn't have purchased the "Sparkling Love Ring" or "Stretchy Knuckle Ring". The "Love" ring has already tarnished (haven't even worn it yet) and has a greenish tinge to it. I'm 100% sure my finger will turn green if I wear it once. It also looks a little cheap. The reason I purchased the knuckle ring was because I don't own a gold one, and it was a good price. Although I do like it, it looks extremely cheap and is on the road of tarnishing.

The two rings I'm the happiest with are the "Skeleton Key Ring" and the "Pyramid Stud Ring". I think the pyramid ring is so cute and so simple and great for every day.


Where do you buy your rings?


  1. OHhh, I love the skeleton key ring! I am gonna have to check that out...I am always so nervous about ordering from there not knowing how good of quality is but think I am just gonna have to!

  2. I recently bought a butterfly necklace from Forever21 and it was like $2.80. Super cheap! Love it. =)

  3. I <3 the stud ring and skeleton key ring! CUTE! I actually have a similar key ring.

  4. Very cute rings I really like the one with the key!!

  5. Very cute! I went to my F21 to get rings and earrings and found that it was closed for renovation :( Hopefully they're making it better and bigger.. they're jewelry selection was never that great!

  6. SO pretty everything looks very nice!

  7. the love ring and interlocking circles are my faves! i loooooove f21 for accessories, get some of my fave jewelry and headbands there :D

    Vonnie of

  8. I love the stud ring! I usually also get my rings at F21~

  9. Love the rings! I always want to buy jewelery from F21 but the shipping is SO expensive ): Def the worse place to online shop for me. I've been really into buying jewelery of etsy lately :p

    xo Kim (

  10. These are so cute! I like rings from Brandy Melville. Very affordable and so cute!


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