Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recent Swag. (Jeffrey Campbell, Betsey Johnson, F21 & More)

Hey Everyone!

I thought it would be fun to post a haul of some accessories I've acquired in the past couple of months. It's all kind of random, but I love when other bloggers have posts like these ;)

I was hoping to link several of the items back to the websites, but every single Forever 21 item I purchased isn't listed on the website. I'm guessing a big majority of accessories became sold out during their recent 30% off sale. So, I apologize in advance for that!


Jeffrey Campbell Tick Stud Shoes
Betsey Johnson Raven Sunglasses
L.A.M.B. Cosmetic Bag
The Extras Alison in Chains Necklace
Leaf Wrap Two-Finger Ring
Bueno Faux Fur Bag
Madden Girl Sookiee Gold Glitter Slingback Heels
1) Heart Locket Bracelet (Random Wholesale Shop in Chicago)
2) Silver Curb Chain Bangle Set (Forever 21) I love these bangles for every day. I love that they can be paired with a casual or dressed up outfit. I usually wear them with anything black, as they have an "edgy" feel to them.
3) Betsey Johnson Raven BK214 Sunglasses (Marshall's) I've wanted a pair of classic Ray-Ban sunglasses for a while, but the frames look too small on my face. These are a similar style, and they actually fit my face well. They are regular $55, and I got them for $7! Love deals like that.
4) Assorted Rhinestone Earrings (Forever 21)
5) Two Finger Leaf Ring (Forever 21) I thought this ring was kinda cute and different, and it was only $3.80.
6) Bow Necklace (Forever 21) I had a huge thing for bows for the past couple of years, but I've been slowly stemming out of the bow phase.. I couldn't pass this one up though. ;)
7) The Extras, Alison in Chains Necklace (Karmaloop) 
8) Bueno Faux Fur Handbag (Marshalls) I've been wearing this bag for a few weeks now and I think it's really cute. It's extra roomy and well made for the $24.99 price tag. They had several other colors in stock as well. 
9) Antique Gold Collar Necklace (Forever 21) This necklace caught my eye because it reminded me of the Jewelmint Astoria Necklace. I haven't worn it yet, but I'm excited to!
10) Woven Black & Gold Bracelet (Charolette Russe) I found this little gem in the clearance bin for $1.99. I've worn it several times and I'm really surprised it hasn't tarnished. 
11) L.A.M.B Saddle Cosmetic Bag (TJMaxx) What drew me to purchasing this little bag aside from the price (Clearance for $20) is the material of the bag. It's PVC with leather trim - it's soft, very durable and easy to clean. I mainly purchased it to store my coupons and gift cards, as I don't want to ruin it with my makeup. 
12) Madden Girl Sookiee Glitter Heels (Carson's) I don't actually own a pair of glitter heels and I thought these were cute for a night out or for the holidays. They were on Clearance for only $20.
13) Jeffrey Campbell Tick Stud Shoes (Karmaloop) I saved my favorite for last. These were a complete impulse buy, and I'm very happy to say that I'm incredibly satisfied with them. I wore them once already and they are shockingly, very comfortable. I'll post a review on them soon.

What have you had your eyes on lately?!


  1. I have those exact earrings in the first pic (bottom left hand corner) =) I love those chain necklaces you got too!


  2. Omg I must have those glitter heels!

  3. thanks for sharing. I love all your new accesories :)

  4. LOVE IT ALL!!!! The shoes r both so cute and i love all the jewelry!!!

  5. I have those Madden Girl heels. They're so cute and fun but they're so uncomfortable :( Hopefully you'll have better luck with them! :)

  6. ooohhhh god forever 21 necklaes tha alice in chains
    ooohhh those rings thooseeeee shoes am sooooooooooooo
    sad i cant find it here and the wont ship to where i live

  7. i loveee the leaf ring!! how cuuuteee :)) but yeah forever21 stuff goes through their inventory really quickly. one store that i went to on friday and almost completely new clothes on monday

  8. awesome haul!! i love all the new stuff! enjoy.

  9. You have good taste. I loooove the necklaces and the tick boots are super cute!

  10. So happy you are back to posting and I love your shoes and all your goodies - by the way I love posts like these too!

  11. I love everything!
    The Antique Gold Collar Necklace, I am going to be stalking F21 for that. That's gorgeous! Everything is gorgeous!

    xo SARMIN

  12. Oh my God what a Haul, I love EVERYTHING you got especially these Jeffrey Campbell so edgy, I love Karmaloop I bought myself some Sam Edelman from them and it was such a good experience :) Looking forward the Review :)

  13. Those Gold Glitter Slingback Heels are stunning! I wish I could walk on heels like that

  14. I love the Madden Girl Sookiee Gold Glitter Slingback Heels they are amazing!! thanks for sharing!

  15. IN major love with your glitter slingbacks... They are so so gorgeous! You should do a outfit post with them :)

  16. You always have so much fun stuff in your blogs! I bet your closet is like your own little boutique of awesomeness lol. Hopefully someday I'll have my own :D

  17. OMG Those gold glitter heels are amazing!

  18. Can you post a pic of you wearing the sunglasses sometime? I'd love to see what they look like on. I almost bought them for way more then 7$ online lol. Xx

  19. which nail polish are you wearing on the picture?

  20. The Chains necklace is so stunning!

    lots of love,


  22. Love all the stuff you buy, you have great style.

  23. That fur bag...lemming lemming lemming. So cute! Great pictures!

  24. These accessories are amazing, you have BEAUTIFUL taste. I am in complete awe of how you have started blogging again so consistently. You are an incredible person. I'm so sorry your dad isn't here anymore, but like you said, he'll always be with you, and you see him in your dreams. He raised a wonderful daughter and young woman. We all love your blog so much.

  25. Wow! You have such a great style! I'm in love with the necklaces and the Jeffrey Campbell shoes! xoxoxoo

  26. I want those glitter pumps! they are amazing!

  27. I love reading these collective haul posts also! I really like the two finger leaf ring. You take great photos. :)

  28. WOW! you got some great stuff! love the JC shoes :)


    Fashion Fractions

  29. Those wedges & that bag need to a be a part of my wardrobe!

  30. love everything you've bought..(and your blog!) xoxo