Friday, February 17, 2012

Glass Nail Files by Mont Bleu.

I've ditched using a standard nail file for the past year or so, and switched over to glass files. Although I'm no professional, I've gathered a few nailcare tips from nail bloggers and beauty communities along my blogging journey that seem to know a lot about nails.

When picking a nail file, I always pick a really fine grain in order to avoid damaging my nails. I use to have a really big problem with my nails splitting/peeling - realizing later that it was due to the pure acetone nail polish remover I was using a couple times a week. A blogger recommended looking into a glass file to avoid any further splitting of my nails, so I purchased a glass nail file from Sally's Beauty Supply and have been using it ever since. Metal files and emery boards can sometimes be too rough on the nails, especially if they are brittle already. Glass nail files are very gentle on the nails and yield a very smooth result. 

Glass nail files are also very easy to clean, and will last for years. You may pay a few dollars more for one, but it's worth the investment. 

To clean a glass file, simply run it under water. 

Unfortunately glass files aren't as widely available as emery boards and steel files are, and the ones that are available usually aren't very cute or trendy.

I recently discovered Mont Bleu, and was given the opportunity to try a couple of their files. Mont Bleu is a Czech based company that specializes in the making of Glass Nail Files, that are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals and/or unique patterns & designs, delivering quality products worldwide. Although their main product is glass nail files, they also have a selection of other accessories including: glass foot files, tweezers, compact mirrors, costume jewelry, manicure sets and more.

Their files come in a velvet sleeve (not pictured) which is perfect for traveling and to prevent any damage to your nail file. Because it's glass, if you drop it on a hard surface, it can break, so keeping it in the protective sleeve will protect it.

Mont Bleu has a ton of different designs, and they actually use Swarovski crystals, as opposed to cheap, plastic rhinestones. I'm really enjoying my mini file, and keep it stored in the pocket of my handbag.

They are also very affordable at around $7-14 each. To view all of the designs, check out their website at

Cheryl also posted a review for Mont Bleu recently, click the image below to be redirected to her page.

Disclaimer: This post contains a product sample provided by the manufacturer for consideration. All opinions expressed in this post are my own, and reflect my honest opinion based on my personal experience with using this product.


  1. Super, fajne pilniczki, bardzo ładna jesteś

  2. I use the Ruby Stone crystal file from Sally's. It has lasted me over a year. I love that you can wash/sanitize it and it always appears new. My nails never break anymore either. It's def a cheap lil investment to make.

  3. I love your last picture! It's so beautiful <3

  4. I have a glass nail file and love it... but mine is plain, I want one with some sparkle to it :)

  5. Love cheryl!
    I need one of these files!

  6. I didnt even know they made glass files. I will need to grab one :)

  7. I used to use a glass file all the time but always seem to break mine. They are so much better though I do agree.

  8. Will you do a post on how to take care of your nails?? Mine are brittle and constantly crack/peel and I would love some tips!

  9. can glass files be used for acrylic and gel nails too? xx

    1. Hi,
      As I know many nail techs say that glass nail files too smooth to handle gel or acrylic nails, but some disagree. So, I suppose it's like with everything, you will never know for sure until you try it.

  10. I've never even heard of glass nail files. I want to go to Sally's and look for one.

  11. That's me! That's me! lol Thanks for the shoutout babe ;) I love how you take pictures and always look to see what cool idea you have in the background. They are so much more interesting than my plain product shots.

  12. I love glass/ crystal nail files. I've been using them for years and my nails don't snag or break. Every girl should own one, esp if you wear natural nails

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