Monday, March 26, 2012

Illamasqua Promise Cream Blusher Review, Photos and Swatches!

Natalie Monday, March 26, 2012
illamasqua promise blush

Illamasqua Promise Cream Blusher

Illamasqua Promise Cream Blusher ($24) is described as a "petal pink". It's your average bubblegum cool-pink, that isn't overly cool, so it will definitely work on warm skintones as well as cool, without looking ashy and/or overly cool purple/blue. 

I use to stray away from wearing cool pinks because of my warm skin, but I've started really liking them on my skin when my skintone is a bit lighter. 

The consistency of Illamasqua Cream Blush is really nice. It's very thin and creamy and isn't at all heavy or sticky. It has a bit of a dewy finish, which you may or may not like. I think it looks quite fresh on the cheeks, and not greasy. For less shine, you can set the blush with a light dusting of powder.

The color is very pigmented and blends very easily. I've worn this blush several times and it never looks patchy or un-even on my cheeks. When used lightly with a stippling brush, it looks like cotton candy on my cheeks. It can be layered for a more intense, doll pink effect. 

illamasqua promise cream blush

illamasqua promise swatches

Here's a quick picture of the way it looks on my cheeks. My coloring in the photo is around MAC NC20-25 for reference. It's not the most flattering photo, but it looks really flattering in person. 
illamasqua promise swatch

The lasting power is pretty average for a cream blush. When I'm wearing a more dewy or creamy foundation, it sticks around for six hours or so with little fading. If I'm wearing a matte foundation, it prolongs the wear a couple of hours.

I really like this blush and I'd be interested in trying more colors in the future. I don't have many Illamasqua products, but I haven't been disappointed with any of the products I've tried so far.

Do you own any Illamasqua blushes? Do you have any favorites?

Price: $24, Sephora.


  1. Oh I love this one on you, looks really natural. I wanted to get this but it was sold out everywhere so I ended up ordering Laid which I'm still waiting for. You should try Rude, a warm apricot coral which will look great with your skin tone. Xo

  2. Very dewy and light. This looks great on you. Are you thinking of getting any of the other colors?

  3. I love the fresh pink look it gives you. I've been favoring cream products lately too :)

  4. My favorite is Laid. It's a bright candy rose pink. It's gorg

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  6. This looks so good on your skintone! I tried them at the Illamasqua counter and couldn't believe how pigmented they are, really need to get my hands on one of them :) xx

  7. This was one of my first cream blushes I owned and absolutely love it! the colour is gorgeous for summer <3 Illamasqua comes up top for cream blushes for me, love them! x

  8. I havnt tried any illamasqua blushes yet, i may one day lol

  9. This color is beautiful. I need to check out their cream blushes they look luscious.

  10. this is a beautiful color! ive heard a lot of good things about illamasqua cream blush. i need to splurge!

  11. I have Rude (cream) and Lover (powder) from Illamasqua and I definitely love them. This looks great on you! Very similar to Rude.

  12. Wow - are those fake eyelashes in the fourth picture down? They look amazing!

  13. I just picked this up & can't wait to try it out! It looks great on you! xo


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