Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stila Gerbera Convertible Color Review!

Stila Gerbera Convertible Color

Stila Convertible Color ($25) is an award winning lipstick and blush all-in-one. Although it can be used as a lipstick, it's best used as a blush. The pigmented cream adds instant color and fresh radiance to the cheeks that will last for hours.

It's available in nine (9) shades: Gerbera, Gladiola, Lillium, Petunia, Peony, Camellia, Rose, Fuschia and Poppy. Although Lillium (dusty pale pink) is a popular choice, Gerbera looked like my perfect color.

Gerbera is a light, warm peachy-pink. Once applied, the color really comes alive and has a sense of vibrancy on the cheeks. On my skin, the color doesn't pull orange, so for those looking for a peach with rather pink tones as opposed to orange, this might be for you. It'd also work as a great base for a warm pink, peach or coral powder blush. On my lips, it actually looks similar to YSL Tender Peach Rouge Volupte Lipstick (but slightly lighter - one of my favorites!)

The consistency is very creamy and has a slight tackiness. It's quite different from Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Illamasqua Cream Blush, which aren't as thick and creamy. It's tackier than Becca Cream Blush - probably the most comparable to MAC's older (Blushcreme) formula - which actually I wasn't very fond of because of the heavy texture. 

Because this product is very pigmented, a stippling brush works the best at providing a light wash of color. I like using a MAC #187 Brush, or anything similar. I find the product really easy to blend without looking blotchy, thick or greasy. 

On the lips, the color looks surprisingly pastel, which I really like, but tan/deep skin tones may find it too light for the lips. It isn't the most moisturizing formula for the lips, so lip balm or a little gloss is recommended. 

The product is housed in a durable plastic, mirrored compact that is color coordinated with each shade. I can see it being pretty handy if you own a bunch of these, to easily grab the shade you want to wear without having to look at every compact (like my MAC Blushes - it's like playing Where's Waldo every time I'm looking for a particular shade. Boy, did I love those books as a kid).

The color looks a little light, but I assure you, it's very flattering on the cheeks. The color is actually a bit deeper than what you see in the swatch. A really awesome shade for Summer.

Overall, I'm happy with this blush, but I'm not completely sold with the Stila 'Convertible Color' line in general. As of right now, Becca is probably my favorite formula.

The Round-Up

  • Creamy texture
  • Pigmented color
  • Blends easily - but because of it's thick texture, it might be difficult to blend on dry skin
  • Natural result
  • Comfortable wear - doesn't feel heavy on my cheeks
  • Lasts throughout the day with minor fading by the end of the day
  • No scent
  • The texture definitely isn't my favorite, it's a little too thick and sticky for my personal preference
  • Doesn't work the best on the lips - although the consistency is very creamy, it's quite drying on the lips. Nothing lip balm or gloss can't fix, though.
  • For those with oily skin may find the formula to be too greasy as well as having shorter lasting power
  • Might not be the best choice for deep skin tones. It's very flattering on light to light-medium/medium skin tones
Price: $25, Sephora or ULTA.


  1. What a lovely color! I have issues with convertible colors as well...they never seem to work everywhere for a long period of time.

  2. Looks like the perfect summer color :)
    I'm still working on finding the perfect cream blush... any suggestions?

  3. I have this! I love it, it is absolutely gorgeous on the lips and on the cheeks.. it also works well on all skin tones.... I've tried Lillium and I had to return it. Couldn't get it to look right. I think on olive skin tones it looks best.

  4. Ohh I love the color and creamy consistency!

  5. I've always eyed this at ulta but their pigmentation scars me away! I am glad they blend in natural

  6. the sticky/tacky feel of it has always put me off of them in the store.....this shade is gorgeous but wouldn't be right for my tone


  7. love this color :) you always have the best swatches.

  8. the most beautiful colour for cheeks!!

  9. wow this looks so pretty,have to check this out...

  10. Gorgeous blush shade and I think it would suit me very well as a lipstick shade also :P

  11. this is really pretty shade...

  12. Such a gorgeous colour, I need to buy it! x

  13. What a beautiful color! I don't have great luck with cream blushes, but I may have to try this one! It looks to be the perfect peach! Thanks for the review! :)

  14. Such a prety color!!! It would look gorgeous on a warmer skin tone I guess! Following you would you care to follow me back?

  15. Wow! Love it! It looks so beautiful

  16. Wow....Really wonderful shade.....I like it so much. :)

  17. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! xXx
    I love your blog! Nice blush btw!

  18. that color is gorgeous, love your blog!

  19. i have this too, it is stunning!

  20. ooh that colour is beautiful, do you have any recommendations for a long lasting opaque lip product in that colour (seeing as you don't think this product is that fantastic on the lips) tia

  21. Gerbera looks more like my kind of shade too. Although, I do also fancy Petunia and Gladiola. I have to agree about the Formula - it's not great on lips and I think they should have just sold it as a cream blush.

  22. Looks like the blush version of MAC's Gotta Dash Supreme Sheen lippie!

  23. this is such a beautiful colour!

  24. I've been a fan since 2006 and still in love with it :)