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Dolce and Gabbana Darling Passion Duo Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Lipstick

 Dolce and Gabbana Darling Passion Duo Lipstick

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Lipstick ($34) is a 2-in-1 hybrid of rich cream color and satin gloss. The outside lipstick layer provides most of the color, while the middle gloss layer provides shine. Darling is a glistening, warm peachy-pink with a cotton candy pink center. It's a lipstick that falls in the natural/nude category, and one that I find to be very sophisticated. It has light pigmentation (buildable) and leaves my lips glowing!

Although it's not the first time this type of design has been created, and with my personal experiences, 2-in-1 products tend to be failures (usually exceeding in one aspect and falling short in the other) - automatically I think of cream blushes that "can also be used on the lips", which usually ends up in dry, shriveled lips, but perfectly stained cheeks. Well, my good ol' friend D&G hit the nail on the head with the passion duo lipsticks, as the overall formula isn't anything short of fabulous.

The formula is silky smooth and feels great on the lips. The moisturizing ingredients in this lipstick seem to sink into my lips quite well without further drying them out.

The lipstick does have a noteworthy scent/taste of roses. Although it's not crazy strong, it's there. Imagine the scent of Guerlain Meteorites on your lips - that's exactly what it's like.

Darling is actually one of the sheerer passion duos, so the lasting power is very average. I've read that the more pigmented (darker) colors stick around much longer. If you're looking for a sexy, warm red, check out Incognito. (View Crystalis007 review & lip swatch - omg!)

Dolce and Gabbana Darling Passion Duo Lipstick

dolce and gabbana lipstick swatch
D&G Darling Lipstick on my lips.

To be completely honest, I was hoping to of course like this lipstick, but I didn't expect to love it as much as I do. Lucky for me,  I'll be suffering many sleepless nights thinking about all of the other shades I'd like to snatch up, and how empty it would leave my poor wallet. At least I'll have gloriously glowing lips, though... Just kidding, But really, these are definitely worth checking out if you happen to ever run across a D&G counter.

The packaging is a classy, pale gold metal tube. It's slim and slightly weighty, and reflective of the hefty price tag. 

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Lipstick

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Lipstick Darling

d&g passion duo lipstick

dolce and gabbana passion duo lipstick review

dolce and gabbana lipstick swatch

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Lipsticks

The Round-Up

  • Gorgeous Color! Despite it being a fairly light nude, it actually brings color to my face rather than making my face look dull  - which many nudes tend to do.
  • Creamy formula that glides on the lips with ease.
  • Is surprisingly moisturizing on it's own - I don't need an additional lip balm.
  • Feels smooth and comfortable on the lips.
  • Appealing packaging design.
  • Takes several coats to achieve full coverage.
  • Isn't particularly long-wearing, though it doesn't claim to be. Wear time can differ with shades. Being Darling is light and somewhat sheer, it's lasting power is inferior to bolder, more opaque shades. 
  • The center wears down quicker than the outer ring with continued use.
  • Scented - although I stopped noticing it after the first couple of uses.
Price: $34, Saks.

Have you tried any D&G makeup? Do share!!


  1. Oh my goodness that looks so creamy and rich when applied to your lips!! Packaging is fab too! great review as usual!! xxx

  2. Looks good on your lips! I really love the packaging!

  3. what a nice color! Wish I could have a counter around :( I am really interested in Dolce and Gabbana's makeup line...

  4. Pretty! It reminds me of my fav NYX lipstick Iris. Though much more pricier lol.

  5. Love the shade of this lipstick! I haven´t tried any product from D&G makeup line.

  6. Thats so pretty, I really love the shade I have, I've nearly used it up :)

  7. I love the concept - colour and gloss in one.
    it looks smooth and pigmented on your lips!
    And the packaging is just GORGEOUS!!!
    is it heavy to carry?

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  8. Nice post ! Love D&G and this lipstick I think it's a good idea ! And no I've never tried any D&G make up but I think I should ! lol
    Love your blog Natty ! xx

  9. This sounds interesting..and omg your teeth are so pearly white!

  10. Such a beautiful and rich looking lipstick. I'm in love with the pretty color!

  11. What a beautiful, luxurious colour!! Would love to own this one!! :)