Tuesday, August 28, 2012

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation Review!

loreal true match lumi foundation

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation ($12.95) is a lightweight, buildable foundation that provides a luminous, glowing finish to the skin. It's actually said to improve the clarity and skin tone with continued use.

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation is available in 15 shades: Porcelain/Light Ivory, Nude Beige, Natural Beige, Sand Beige, Sun Beige, Soft Ivory/Classic Ivory, Natural Buff, Buff Beige, True Beige, Classic Tan, Creamy Natural, Shell Beige, Classic Beige, Soft Sable and Nut Brown/Cocoa.

To find your match a bit easier, the shades are broken up into three categories: Warm, Neutral and Cool. If you know your undertone, you can go straight to the appropriate category and figure out your exact shade. Sound familiar? Yep. L'Oreal True Match Foundation has the same coloring system. I picked W3 Nude Beige (I'm typically a W4 in L'Oreal True Match, but unfortunately my store was sold out of W4, and I was feeling impatient.. must.. have.. now!) W3 is a pretty good match for the MAC NC30 coloring. It's a bit peach - it could use more yellow/golden tones. For reference, it's less yellow than many of the other warm shades in the range.

The consistency is very lightweight; runny, but also very creamy. If I had to compare the consistency to another drugstore foundation, I'd probably say it's the most similar to Neutrogena Healthy Skin, but slightly creamier. Because of the thin texture, it's very easy to blend and doesn't cake or dry on the skin before you're finished blending the whole face.

The coverage is light, buildable to light-medium with an additional layer. I'd prefer if it had a touch more coverage, but it has nice coverage for my "better" skin days. When I want additional coverage, I usually add a touch of Revlon Colorstay Whipped to any areas that need it, and my face looks flawless.

It gives off a very natural, radiant finish. Not dewy or matte - somewhat along the lines of a satin finish with a bit more glow. Not Revlon Photoready glow, though (sparkle city). It's the type of glow your skin has after you've had a chemical peel.

Here's my skin closer up. I didn't set with a powder to preserve the luminosity. 

The lasting power on my balanced skin is around 6 hours with a setting powder. L'Oreal states that it lasts around 8 hours, which might be true on a good day. With the addition of Revlon Whipped, it lasts much longer (until the time I wash my face at night). I find that when it breaks down, it fades pretty naturally without looking patchy. The regular True Match fades patchy on my skin, which is why I don't particularly care for it. 

loreal true match lumi foundation w3

For color comparison-

loreal true match lumi foundation swatches
Swatches from left to right: L'Oreal True Match LUMI Foundation W3, L'Oreal True Match Foundation W4, MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30.

Overall, I really like this foundation and my main gripe is mainly with the color. I think L'Oreal needs to go back to the drawing board with W3, because it's not warm enough. Lastly, I wish the lasting power was better, but most times lighter coverage/liquidy foundations don't last as long as heavier foundations.

It's a nice foundation, and much more wallet-friendly than most higher end alternatives. The reviews are very 50/50, but I will continue using this foundation, and mixing it with some of my other foundations to add a bit of radiance to my skin. I think this foundation would work particularly well on dry skin, as it's fairly moisturizing, spreads well on the face and gives a glow to the skin. It might have a little too much slip for oily skin, but individual results will vary.

The Round-Up
  • Light, creamy-liquid formula that is very easy to work with
  • Light, buildable to light-medium coverage
  • SPF20
  • Pump dispenser - no mess!
  • Makes my skin look glowing and radiant
  • W3 is too peach (it actually matches my MAC NW20 concealer)
  • Becomes shiny within a couple of hours if I don't set with a powder
  • Lasting power is 6 hours (results will vary - it may last longer or less on your skin)
Price: $12.95, at your local drugstore.


  1. I haven't tried a Loreal foundation in years! This is very tempting, and I love the look on you.

    PS your top is awesome :)

  2. I have mine in W6! a bit too light im an nc42.. OMG your so gorgeous!!! :D i SWEAR YOUR LIKE A DOLL! <3

  3. I must try this asap! Great review

  4. great review!! I love this foundation and i really didnt expect to since i have oily skin. it looks great on you.

  5. that looks amazing! I've been looking for a new foundation, I'll probably try this one now. thanks!

  6. I almost bought this a few weeks ago, after seeing this review I may just have to now!

    Great review :o)


  7. I am definitely not down with the peachy undertones which is why I didn't try this foundation. (I'm a True Match W5) The do love a satin finish and a pump, but I'm far too yellow-toned for anything with a hint of pink.

  8. What blush and lip color are you wearing? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I'm wearing Chanel In Love Joues Contraste Blush. (Review here: http://www.missnattysbeautydiary.com/2012/05/chanel-in-love-joues-contraste-blush.html) and on my lips, I'm wearing Milani Quick Flash Haute Flash Full Coverage Lipgloss. (Review here: http://www.missnattysbeautydiary.com/2012/07/milani-quick-flash-haute-flash-full.html)

  9. Thanks for the great post! You look amazing!

  10. Love your blog!...I was wondering if you wear contacts?cz your eyes are gorgeous!...if so what brand and color do u wear???

  11. I am into foundation before BB creams came out. But now i did the big switch. :)
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  12. Loreal tests on animals everyone please stop using it:/

    1. They don't anymore. :)

    2. They still do actually, although they say that they are trying their best to replace animal testing with other means of testing.


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  14. What color eyeliner are you wearing on your bottom lashine?

  15. The foundation looks so flawless! I just ordered one, can't wait to try!
    P.s. Totally loving your lipstick and eye make-up ;)

    Followed ya,

    Hugs from allthingsgirlish.blogspot.com

  16. Thank you for this review! Very helpful:)

  17. I Love it when I google it to know about a beauty product & your blog shows..

    I directly enter your post cuz I know you always have great pictures & swatches.. beside your skin tone & face features reminds me of us Middle eastern ladies! you are really Beautiful

    I Love how this foundation looks flawless on your skin, what tool did you use to apply it?

    I am NC25-30 (with Really Yellow Undertones) now I cant decide which shade to pick since u said W3 is bit peach.. will try to find good swatches for W2 & W4 to decide

    Thanks a lot <3

  18. I love it I bought C6 and its very flawless!!!!

  19. You're absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Your skin is really awesome. Can you please tell me what skin care and hair care products do you use?

  21. Your skin is really awesome. Can you please tell me what skin care and hair care products do you use?

  22. How do u know you r warm or cold undertones? I m confused and bought the wrong one...:(

  23. I came across your site looking for the True Match colour of NC25 - very informative thanks!

    Just one question though - why do you wear foundation at all? You have PERFECTLY FLAWLESS skin.

    Anyway, great blog, I'll be bookmarking it and will return! :)

  24. I from india ....I have yellow skin tone ...which shade is perfect for me loreal lumi foundation

  25. Hi I'm looking for a foundation to go out during night time.. but most of them have spf.. does it matter? do you think this l'oreal foundation is alright?
    thank you!

  26. I used to swear by True Match foundation. I think I must have used it for about 3 years! However for some reason suddenly it didn't suit me anymore. Maybe my skin changed? However I think 3 years still gets it a good thumbs up! ha. Great review hun x
    Heroine In Heels

  27. Can I ask what eyeliner you are using in this? Looks very dark and lovely!

  28. May I ask, how does this compare to Revlon's colorstay liquid foundation? :)

  29. An item is apparently superb though.... Regards pertaining to creating.

  30. I bought True Match Lumi in W3, W4, and W5 because I couldn't tell a difference based on the packaging in the store.
    When I tried it out at home, W3 was waaayyy too pink for my warm skintone, although it was a better match in terms of darkness.
    The odd thing is W4 an W5 both look like the same shade, but W5 has slightly more yellow in it. The difference is barely discernible. Unfortunately, both W4 and W5 are too dark for me.
    I have dry skin and really wanted to like this foundation but the match is not there for me :(