Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Edward Bess Secret Desire Ultra Slick Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

edward bess secret desire lipstick

Edward Bess Secret Desire Lipstick

Edward Bess Secret Desire Lipstick ($32) is a beautiful, creamy natural peachy-pink. Although it looks rather peach in the tube (almost like Nars Belle De Jour) it's most certainly pink. It's soft, neutral and perfect for every day. Many like describing it as a "my lips but better shade, and for light skin tones it is! For medium -dark skin tones it'd work great as a nude.

I've never tried any other Edward Bess Lipsticks, so I'm not sure if the overall performance of the line can be determined by only one shade, but Secret Desire is very creamy, yet a bit slippery - kind of like a YSL Rouge Volupte, but not as drying and longer-lasting. Secret Desire has medium to opaque coverage and a lustrous finish. Even after several layers, the lipstick still manages to feel thin and so lightweight on my lips. It's an overall fantastic formula.

It has a light, sweet fruity smell which I can smell each time I apply it, which I've read is the scent of wild figs. I absolutely love the smell.

edward bess secret desire lipstick

edward bess secret desire lipstick

edward bess secret desire swatch
Edward Bess Secret Desire on my lips.

edward bess secret desire

edward bess secret desire lipstick

edward bess secret desire lipstick

edward bess secret desire swatch
A close-up of my lips (on MAC NC30 skin tone)

edward bess lipstick swatches
Comparisons from left to right: Edward Bess Secret Desire, MAC Supreme Style Sheen Supreme, MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme, MAC Shygirl Lipstick, NYX Pumpkin Pie Round Lipstick and MAC Hue Lipstick. From the shades swatched, it's the most similar to MAC Supreme Style, although Supreme style has a bit of a frosty sheen and is slightly rosier. It's also somewhat similar to MAC Bare Again, but Secret Desire is slightly more pink.

To see swatches of the full line-up of the Edward Bess Slick Lipsticks, check out Karlasugar.

The price point is right up there with other luxury brands, but I noticed that several shades are available on eBay and Strawberrynet for a lower price.

The Round-Up

  • Very silky and creamy 
  • Applies evenly
  • Good pigmentation - medium to full coverage
  • Feels smooth on the lips
  • Feels featherweight on the lips even after several layers
  • Longer lasting than other glossy lipsticks
  • Nice packaging - sleek, weighty metal tube
  • Although it's a moisturizing formula, for those with frequent dry lips, this might not provide enough moisture for you. Applying a lip balm prior is always a must for me. 
  • Edward Bess products have to be purchased online (unless you live near the couple of locations in NY and CA) and there aren't many reviews/swatches out there for those who rely on beauty blogs for photos.
Price: $32, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf GoodmanZuneta online. For a list of in-store locations click here.


  1. This is such a pretty color,I will defiantly have to find this, maybe the have more a pinky shade. Nudes wash me out sadly because I love the look of them.

  2. Gorgeous colour!!

  3. I like the color quite a bit but seeing as how I have both Supreme Style and Bare Again I'm not sure I can justify the purchase. ....Oh who are we kidding? I'll probably buy it anyway.

    1. LOL!! You probably don't, but then realistically, I didn't either. haha! I'd love to see the full line in person. There aren't many pinks, otherwise I'd be all over them!

  4. I can't stop saying that I love all your makeup far the very best out there <3

  5. This looks really nice!! I haven't heard of Edward Bess, but i deffinitely wouldn't mind trying out the lipsticks in the range! thanks for the review!

  6. Great Review, although I find that it looks more wearable than Belle du Jour.

  7. Gorgeous shade! looks a lot like Lancome l'absolu rouge in "rich cashmere" as well! Edward Bess is a young looking kid....albeit a very talented kid

  8. Looks great!!!

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  10. wow... loving the color.... new brand for me
    your new follower

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  12. I love it creamy natural peachy-pink, because it 's look nice and gorgeous.

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