Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Leaving Sephora.

If you didn't know already, Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics is leaving Sephora, and all of the Tarina Tarantino line will be discounted until the end of December.

If you have any favorites, now is the time to scoop them up, as all products are up to 40% off!

Don't worry though, the Tarina Tarantino Collection will be still available soon on the Tarina Tarantino website at www.tarinatarantino.com.

Click Here to Shop.

Will you be getting anything? The Dreamy Palette is looking tempting to me right now - check out Temptalia's review and swatches here.


  1. I just placed an order... I thought they are just gonna come out new stuff! That's sad they don't sell at sephora any more....

  2. Natty... you NEED to try Parasol... One of my faveeee blushes!

  3. Why is Sephora discontinuing a lot of brands?? I've always wanted to try Tarina Tarantino stuff because they look so pretty and now I get to try them out for cheaper! Sad I missed out on the blush palette :/

  4. Aahh lucky I found your blog. Was worried when I couldn't find this as Sephora anymore.