Sunday, November 25, 2012

Step by Step Autumn Smokey Eyes Tutorial!

Natalie Sunday, November 25, 2012

Autumn Smokey Eyes Tutorial

I wanted to show you an eye look that I've really been loving lately, and have been recreating on most days I've been going out. The star of this look is MAC Club Eyeshadow, which is a really beautiful soft brown with reddish undertones and a metallic green duochrome. What I love about it is that it can transform with whatever base you use. In this look I've layered Club over a black base, and it makes the green tone really stand out and appear as a beautiful, rich emerald green. On the rest of the lid where the black wasn't applied, it appears as a reddish-brown. So before I even picked up any other eyeshadows, it looked like I've already used more than one. 

For a cheaper alternative to MAC Club ($15), Wet n Wild has a great dupe in their Comfort Zone Color Icon Palette ($4.99). You'd actually be able to re-create most of this look with the Comfort Zone palette.

Products Used:

Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Bobbi Brown Black Ink Long-wear Gel Eyeliner 
MAC Club Eyeshadow (red-brown with greeen pearl)
MAC Bamboo Eyeshadow (light peach-beige, matte)
MAC Jest Eyeshadow (soft peach with icy shimmer)
MAC Mulch Eyeshadow (red-brown with bronze pearl)
MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow (warm antique gold)
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
False Lashes (cut in half)
L'Oreal Gold Charge HIP Chrome Eyeliner 

*For this tutorial I used the site Beauty Sets to quickly and easily create a collage of images. Please let me know if you find this method of tutorial confusing. It's much easier and less time consuming for me, but if they aren't helpful, I'll continue doing them the way I did before. Thanks!!
Step 1: Prime your eyelids. (Photo #1)

Step 2: Apply black cream/gel liner to the top lash-line. It doesn't have to be perfect, because in the next step we are going to smudge it. (Photo #2)

Step 3: Quickly before the liner sets, use a small brush to smudge the liner. Drag the liner upward and extend it slightly outward. I dragged the liner up the highest at the end of my eye. (Photo #3. When it's done, it should look like Photo #4)

Step 4: Apply MAC Club Eyeshadow all over the lid, covering the black liner. Also, smudge it through and slightly above the crease of the eye. Make sure to blend out any harsh edges of the black. (Photo #5)

Step 5: Using a tapered blending brush, buff MAC Bamboo in the area above the crease. Lightly blend Bamboo into the edges of Club so there are no harsh lines. Extend Bamboo upward. (Photo #6)

Step 6: Apply MAC Jest Eyeshadow as a highlight under the eyebrow. (Photo #7)

Step 7: Apply the same black eyeliner to the bottom lash-line and smudge the line with a small brush. (Photo #8)

Step 8: Apply MAC Mulch Eyeshadow on top of the black eyeliner on the lower lash-line. Then, apply MAC Woodwinked for a pop of gold along the beginning 1/3rd of the lower lash-line. (Photo #9)

Step 9: Apply Mascara. For more intensity, add false lashes. I used lashes cut in half for more drama, that's not over the top. (Photo #10)

Step 10: Apply a gold eyeliner pencil to the bottom waterline. If you don't have gold, brown or black would work great. Or, you can keep it bare. (Not pictured)

The Finished Look!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The look is sooo beautiful! Definitely trying this out (:


  2. Wow! This is amazing....the look itself and your talent continues to wow me! :)

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  7. Love the look but like the old format better dont have to scroll back to look at the photos!

  8. OMG so pretty! I'm definitely trying this out!

  9. pretty! i always find it hard to have smokey eyes as a blonde, because it always looks so heavy. tips?

  10. I love it. I've been on the fence about Club on me because of my coloring, but I definitely want to try it now after seeing your tutorial. I like the beauty sets format, too :)

  11. First, I have to say you take phenomenal pics! Second, this look is too gorgeous for words! I'll definitely try your techniques out ;)

  12. Wow, I need to go get me some Cover Girl lash blast. xx

  13. This is so beautiful and the beauty sets technique works great for tutorials. I will be trying this look out at the weekend :)

  14. Thats a totally wearable look for the day time as well. Thanks for the turorial. xx

  15. So pretty! i'm going to try it :)

  16. I love this eye makeup. It looks amazing. I definitely try this out. These colours are really matched with the shape of the eye and the eye colour. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow! You really know to work those shadows Natalie. Your eyes look super pop!

  18. Wow this really helpful make up tips you have share here.

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  22. I'm new to your blog, but love this eye shawdow look. GOing to try it with the West & Wild Palette. Also like the set-up of the photos. My eyes are dark brown - will this combination work for me? Darlene

  23. this was great and the new photo format is not confusing for me. I did my eyes like this today. Thank you for explaining what the colors look like - it helps me find similar ones in my own collection to use.

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