Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chanel Surprenante (129) Rouge Allure Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches!

Natalie Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Chanel Surprenante (129) Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick ($35) is a vibrant, medium watermelon pink. It has a little bit of a frost and shimmer to it, but it's pretty subtle, and actually looks matte on my lips in low lighting. I'm not really a fan of frost, but it's subtle enough where it's not a deal breaker for me. It's very pretty and I think a color that is well suited for the Spring.

The coverage is mostly opaque with one coat and applies smoothly to the lips with a satiny feel. I originally thought that the formula would be drying, but it actually feels pretty good on my lips despite the fact that it's not a moisturizing formula. It makes my lips look soft and pillowy when I wear it alone, but I like jazzing it up with a layer of glossimer over top to really make the color glisten. Unfortunately, if you apply it over dry or chapped lips, the dryness will be accentuated. This lipstick lasts a bit longer on my lips compared to some of my other lipsticks - maybe around 4 hours or so.

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick Swatch
Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick on my lips

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick

Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick swatches
From left to right: Chanel Amour Glossimer, Chanel Sourire Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick & Chanel Surprenante Rouge Allure Lipstick.

Overall, I really like the color of the lipstick, and the formula isn't bad, but I don't think it's a must-have. I prefer a more moisturizing/glossy formula.

The Round-Up

  • Soft floral fragrance (which you might like or hate) 
  • Doesn't have a gritty texture despite the shimmer
  • Feels somewhat soft and velvety on the lips
  • It's not drying - but it's also not moisturizing, which can be a con. 
  • Makes my lips appear slightly fuller
  • Good lasting power (4+ hours)
  • Beautiful, glossy black and gold sleek packaging
  • Because of the slightly frosty finish the color can look a bit dated, nevertheless it's a beautiful shade of pink and great for the Spring/Summer months. If you don't like the finish, you can always add gloss on top, which is usually how I wear it!
  • If your lips are dry/cracked, this lipstick can accentuate the dryness (not to the extreme) but still a little noticeable.
Price: $35.


  1. Thanks for the review! I tend to have dry lips and have trouble wearing lipstick because of it. I do like this color though. It's a nice pink that's not too bright!

    1. We have the same prob with dry lips. Thanks for the review Miss Natty. :)

  2. Oh wow that's such a stunning shade. I am always slightly intimidated by bright lipstick shades, but this is the perfect alternative! xx

    Gemma //

  3. This is gorgeous, love the pictures and that colour is to die for. It doesn't look so frosty in pictures though?

    KistiBelle |

    1. It's there, but super subtle! :) Not too noticeable.

  4. That's gorgeous! Even with the shimmer x

  5. Wow, the color is just brilliant! Such a pretty deep rose and the shimmer is sooo fine! I love it!

  6. The shade is perfect, the packaging looks different from the one that I have at home and I thought that I had Chanel allure too. I´ll have to check it:)

  7. I like it!

  8. ohhh my that lipstick! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Ila x

  9. I love the lipstick products offered

  10. You have shown great lipsticks.I love these colors thanks for showing all the favorite colors of mine .I love these pink lipsticks.Thanks for this blog.

  11. such a sweet yet natural pink shade! very versatile and great for everyday!

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog :)
    AL xx

  12. this colour looks lovely, perfect for daily wear :) great review! just found your blog and followed.

  13. That is such a great color on you. thank you for the review.


  14. You are a nice blogger I love your blog so much help for my blog

  15. Hi, I own the Chanel Rouge Coco in the shade "Mademoiselle" and although I love it I think you perfectly described the "frosty effect", I couldn't figure out why it looked a little bit old fashioned sometimes.. Thank you for the gloss tip!

  16. I've never found a Chanel lipstick that I don't like. This is such a classic pink, not tacky at all. Slightly put off my the frosty finish though!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  17. Just gorgeous. I always feel so sophisticated and classy when wearing Chanel products. xx

  18. OMG such a gorgeous colour! It fits right into you! Great choice.

  19. Gorgeous shade, i really want to try some Chanel products!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  20. Such a beautiful shade - suits your lips, too!!

  21. OMG! I'm loving the color of this lipstick.. I wish I could also have this and try it too.

    xx Shardin
    LifeCell cream

  22. Lovely shade of pink, I'll have to try it!! New subscriber here, I love your blog! I also nominated you for the Beauty Blogger of the Month Award over at Cecilia's Corner with Cecilia Liu herself! Find the contest at Looking forward to more posts!

  23. You have a nice collection I love your collection so much hope you will like my indian movie collection

  24. My favorite Chanel Rouge Allure is #104 - Passion. It is not too pink not too orange not too brown -- just perfectly red. As a red lipstick addict, I swear it is the best lipstick ever!
    Thank you for a great review and photos -- I really enjoyed reading this post.
    If you are interested, check out the rest of my favorite lip products here:

  25. The color is really gorgeous! I do agree though, I love a more moisturizing formula in a lipstick as well.

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