NOTD: MAC Hangin’ Loose Nail Lacquer (Surf Baby Collection) w/ Leopard Print!

a woman applies nude nail polish

MAC Hangin’ Loose Nail Lacquer is a neutral pink beige cream with very tiny white sparkles that seem to only be noticeable in bright lighting. This polish is from MAC’s recent Surf, Baby! Collection and is still available on the MAC website (here). I’m not sure if I can justify paying $15 for a nail polish, so I’m really happy I got a chance to try this through a swap.

I really like the formula of this polish. It’s not thick, not too thin, very creamy and dries fairly quick. It is a little on the sheer side and applies a little streaky with the first two coats, but I applied a heavier third coat and everything evened out very well. I actually love this polish and I think it’s the perfect nude. I’ll be wearing this much more often!

For the leopard print, I first applied dots of OPI You Don’t Know Jacques Nail Polish (grayed brown) all over my nail (around 5-6 dots in total). Then, I took a toothpick and used a generic black nail polish and outlined the brown spots. I also made a few extra black dots. Then I used a silver glitter nail art pen and added small lines of glitter to each spot.

What’s your favorite nude polish?

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By Jenn

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